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The 2nd trimester of pregnancy is considered to be the most amazing period in life. This is because, the would-be mother is high on estrogen. But during the third trimester, women are said to come onto their own, begin to relax in the true sense, find inner peace and enjoy the pregnancy stage. There will be experienced problems to get upright at a time for about few minutes. But the advantages of such trouble are sure to be rewarded well.

Know the benefits that outweigh physical discomfort

  • Firstly, the person is able to relax and stop worrying about the baby’s health. This is because the chances of baby’s survival are full now and baby can be expected anytime.
  • Regular kicking of the baby in the womb tends to serve as constant reminder of the baby being in good health and getting ready to come out. It is at this time, the woman is able to realize of herself becoming pregnant and not just feel fat and appear pregnant. She can use one of those branded kick counter bracelet to get to know the healthy aspects of her baby.
  • The woman is sure to have given up by this time to figure out the portion of new weight gain she has put up including that of the baby and start enjoying the desserts.

kick counter bracelet

  • It no more is a problem to have heavy meal and then feel bloated since the appearance after meal is not much different like that of before meal. Hence, bloatedness is not to be allowed to ruin the evening like it would have done previously.
  • Everyone around is sure to offer congratulations for entering this beautiful phase of life. Even if she is not able to view her feet without using the mirror, the world can be found to be smiling at her.
  • Finally, she will not have any self-expectations. It is the 3rd trimester that provides that feel of happiness and sweetness that life can bring and make her to feel and appear special.

The 3rd trimester, however is only 3 months in duration, something expectant mothers wish to last forever!

Comparing the other trimesters

When compared to the 3rd trimester, the 1st and 2nd are considered to be quite a tough phase in pregnancy. There is constant fear of miscarriage coupled with progesterone psychosis in the first trimester. Progesterone is considered to be the hormone which is responsible for PMS. This period is also of three months.

The second trimester is found to be equally troublesome and here the expectant mother is found to be waiting to listen to the kicks and beatings of the little one inside her womb. The contraction timer online can help her to find out to prepare herself to enjoy the entire pregnancy stage. This period is also of three months. Hence, it is only after the long six months that she enters the third trimester, the stage that she enjoys the most until the final delivery of the bonny baby.