Gym are probably the most underrated categories of all, yeah, gym is life to some but the question is how many people do indeed invest on gym equipment? How many gyms are there from where you are that invested in gym equipment on a yearly basis? The answer is not really a lot.

Now let’s not bash our gym for making us use gym equipment that are more than a year long because the fact is these gym equipment are built tough. These things are a real trooper and can be used for many years before it finally surrenders or replaced because it’s too old and there is a new model that is way better. So unless it’s broken and out of warranty or newer model came in like iPhone 6s to iPhone X kind of a replacement.

The reason: This is the reason why gym equipment aren’t updated very often as we like. But it’s good to know that if you are a gym owner that wants to have a refresh on your gym equipment or a person that wants to be a gym owner, there is a company that you can trust where you can buy commercial gym equipment at a reasonable price and of high quality.

Their commitment: Their “go get” attitude has impressed a lot of their customers as they never give up and make things happen for their customers to get started. Their dedication has garnered them solid followers that has been staple customers since day one, proving that their consistency and dedication to provide quality products and services never wavered and they are determined to be the best in their category.

Their capacity: Because of their success and the vision to make it big in their chosen industry, in the year 2014 in the month of February Primo Fitness got a massive 38,000 sq. ft. warehouse to house more equipment and to put themselves in this position to be able to serve more customers by increasing their capacity. This growth is a proof of their success and they are just getting started.

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