One of the oldest detection test created by medical technology that many people use right now to help them recover from their medical issues is CT scan. A CT scan involves numerous steps to be followed to get a proper idea about the medical issues that the person is suffering from. The scanned imagery is now taken in computers and are directly sent to doctors or pathology for detection. Expert technicians have the experience to detect some medical condition as well for which this is one of the most sought out processes in medical technology.

Conditions Through Which A CT Scan Is Performed

A CT scan when properly done involves a variety of steps that are to be followed to get best results. The procedure starts with the orientation of the patients so that they can understand the ways in which the machine works and they can get a clear idea about the things on which the detection process depends on. The main mechanism is to get series of X-ray images in presence of a machine where the patient needs to lie down to get the detection process done. There are various ct scan centres in bangalore that help the patients with all expert doctors the follow-up process involved.

CT scan is done with the help of continuous imaging which can then be separately used to detect the different conditions around the cranial region. The cranial region starts and it takes about 15 minutes to complete the scan performed. The whole process is performed by experts and involvement of doctors and the patients need to lie down in either face-up or face-down position. These are some of the basic mechanism in which the patients should act when they go for a CT scan. The orientation of lying down is determined by doctors after they run a proper test process.

The next thing is the ways in which images are gathered. The continuous X-ray images show different parts of the cranial system and each of them can help a doctor determine their current position of any tumor or some other health issues involved in adverse cranial function. But during the process, the patients need to stay perfectly still as even the slightest of movements have the ability blur those images. The total detection process is based on those images only and thus one should never lose focus. Patient satisfaction is the top priority for best ct scan centre in bangalore so that one can get over health issues.

There are many patients who feel stressed during the process and thus the doctors always suggest sedatives for them so that they can go through the process easily. The multiple slices of X-ray images are then collectively kept together to offer the doctor a 3D image that is involved in detection. The continuous images that are directly monitored by the machines are given to patients as print to be kept as medical history for future references.


Even the smallest part of the process holds the highest importance. Many future references can be done with the help of CT scan results making it one of the most important thing.