Tissue Microarray commonly known as TMA, is a kind of advanced tissues preparation procedure in which a number of tissues cores are mounted on a paraffin block and aligned to conduct research. TMA method also makes possible to organize multiplex histological analysis conducting a wide array of tissues. Following the TMA method, it becomes easy to conduct research since all information can easily be had on a single slide. This method was first introduced in the Journal of Immunological Methods by Wan, Fortuna, and Furmanski.

Moreover, TMA is also used for immunohistochemistry as well as fluorescent in situ hybridization. Tissue Microarray Analysis is also used for analyzing cancer samples in the medical field. According to the assiduous research-based report, TMA is having a bright future and scope in the market. Talking about the volume, sales, growth rate and revenue, the TMA method is high in demand and performing well. To get to know more about it in a discreet way, do visit this link www.biochain.com/general/the-tissue-microarray-tissue-analysis-from-research-to-treatment. TMA is completely different from DNA Microarrays representing each spot as a cloned cDNA binding the target sequences. TMA method is used for researching histological samples from cancer infected tissues. To put in simple words, it can be said that the TMA technique is an ideal method for screening one genetic marker or protein all across thousands of samples. On the other hand, DNA Microarrays are considered best in respect of studying gene expression all across thousands of genes.

Needless to say that Tissue Microarray is a recent innovation taking the field of pathology to the next level. A microarray holds a number of small representative tissues from different cases mounted on a single histological slide. This method saves times and efforts both as it allows high throughput analysis of multiple specimens at the same time. Moreover, TMA is paraffin blocks collected from extracting cylindrical tissue cores from different paraffin donor blocks. The best thing about this method is that up to 1000 or more tissues samples can be aligned or mounted on to single paraffin block easily. And the market of TMA is growing day by day. There are so many companies in this business and having a wide chunk of profit because of the increasing demand for TMA in various fields such as a hospital, research-based laboratories, and institutes.

The best thing about the TMA method is that it has been designed in a way so that the ratio of criticality has been reduced to incredibly. TMA method makes understating of the cell and other associated diseases quite easy and better. This advanced method is being used to investigate the natural materials such as DNA, Protein, RNA and little tissues. It is called Microarray because of the amalgamation of chemistry, computer science, biology and mechanical robotics having a motto of focusing on many things inside a genome. And therefore today’s advanced research cannot be done following this modern and cost-effective method called TMA.

Needless to say that TMA market is being driven by prominent factors such as increasing government expenditure, healthcare expenditure, research and development and so on.