Two people in the same weight could possessvarious shape andunique performance. One person has more fat in his body and another one has more muscle mass. You can guess which one has more strength to win the battle. The person with bigger muscle mass would consider have higher possibility to win because he is stronger than the other one.

The most recent technology developed an advance winstrol steroid for cutting purpose. A cutting cycle aims to burn fat while maintaining your muscle mass. Nowadays, winstrol pill and oral can be ordered from online market. Even you are located on the other side of the world, the store will be able to deliver it to you.

Development history and background

Known with scientific name as stanozolol, this steroid has used widely to cure anemia and angioedema disease. It provides chemical formula as C21H32N20. Technology development reached some breakthrough utilizing this formula to improving athlete’s performance. A record has noted that Ben Johnson consumed it duringOlympic Games 1988 in Seoul. Up to this moment, it becomes the top steroids onlines and the preferred choice, especially for a cutting stage.

Recommended guideline to get your shape target

There is an advantage of selecting this type because it is not recognized as esterified steroid and dissolved in water. Injectable type of steroid is more popular because it is less toxic than the oral pill. Therefore, the dose is about 30 up to 60 mg/day for a pill and 100 up to 300 mg/week (split into 2-3 times) for injection type.

A secret recipe for better cutting result can be gain by additional products, such as testosterone propionate, anavar, clenbuterol, primobolan, and masteron. For example, a combination of anavar 20-30 mg/day, winstrol 30-60 mg/day, and 120-160 mcg/day clenbuterol would remain an excellent choice.

The cycle period usually takes about 8 up to 12 weeks. It is very important to have a protection from side effect caused by the long term steroid consumption. A personal trainer usually advises havingSamarin 140 or Legalon 70 for common liver protection. In addition to that, you can use nolvadex for protection from estrogen effect and water retention reduction.

Train your strength through an intensive workout

Other significant factor of your bodybuilding program is a consistent workout. The training should be started from the first week until the last period of twelve weeks of the program. Workout type is different based on body size, weight, and height. You can consult to your personal trainer about what kind of program that suits your body type. Follow the scheduled day by day to achieve the maximum impact on your body. An effective workout will encourage you to burn more fat and reduce excess water rapidly.

Have more high-quality food diet

The purpose of the diet is not merely reducing the amount of food supplied to your body but also to ensure that all foods are in a high-quality. This eventually supports you with less effort to flash it. The cutting stage aimis to reduce fat and water retention in your body and keep your muscle mass.

You can execute your diet program by measure the level of fat, muscle mass, and water content. Calculate your body mass ratio (BMR) sometimes helpful to define the benchmark of calories consumed. Define the target of how many fat percentages that needs to be reduced based on this benchmark. You have to consult with your nutrition specialist about how many calories consumed to be allowed daily. Measure your performance periodically to track the result.The balance calories consumption will enable you to retain your lean mass during the program.