Once you touch 32 weeks of pregnancy the head of the baby would be tilted towards the birth canal. Till this juncture it was quite easy for a mother to rotate from a head down position to head up position. This goes by the name of cephalic presentation as there does arise a lot of space in the uterus. There are some babies who are known to adopt different head down position baby. This could be even before a few minutes of the process of delivery. The net result would be that the process of labor is going to be short if the head turns down first.

In singletons vertex presentation appears to be the most common. The face is known to be facing towards the spine and the back of the baby towards the tummy. This works out to be an ideal position for the birth of the baby as the head of the baby being tilted towards the side. Then there could be the face presentation where you find that the face does become the leading part. But in less than 1 % of babies you will come across this type of birth and more common in premature babies.

The ways by which you can get down the baby in head down position?

In case if the baby has not gone on to attain the desired position by week 36, there are a series of steps you need to take so that they change their position. It would be really beneficial if you can discuss with your health care provider from where to start the process.

  • It would be beneficial if you could change into a sitting position. When you sit the pelvis moves forward and makes it a point that the hips would never be higher than the knees. You could term it as an optimal fetal position and ensures that head down baby positions are achieved in an easy manner.
  • Try to reach out in a comfortable position and then scrub the floor. The moment you do reach on all the fours it does make it easy for a head down position to be achieved and this is in front of the belly.
  • Try to be active and do not sit for extended hours in a single go. To stay vertex walking would be the best course of action. When you walk it does create movement of the pelvis which does force the baby to turn as the upright stance of the mother does create more room which does make it effectively to turn around things in an effective manner
  • When you are sitting use a cushion so that the knees are always under the hips
  • When you are in front of the computer or watching TV lean over a birth ball.
  • No need to worry if the baby does not get into a proper position when you are sleeping
  • Always make it a point that you are sleeping on the left side.