It is very important for victims of narcissistic abuse to realize what is happening to them early enough. Narcissists evoke different reactions and behavioral patterns in their victims. Victims of narcissism display different reactions to the abuse they face. It is important to understand that duration of abuse and the style of abuse sometimes vary and this evokes different reactions. To understand narcissistic abuse syndrome you need to understand the different types of personality traits that narcissists find attractive.

Empathetic people

People with empathy tend to fall victims to narcissists. Such people have a kind of humility and helpfulness that is often abused by narcissists. Since giving is a characteristic of an empath, they will easily think it is their duty to give and they will keep giving a narcissist without realizing that they are getting nothing in return.

People suffering from self esteem

Self-esteem is very important for everyone. Unfortunately there are many people who suffer from low self-esteem. They already think they are unworthy. These are easy targets for narcissists because what they say is easily believed by the victims because they have been having similar thoughts. To the victim, the narcissist has only confirmed what they have always believed.

narcissistic victim syndrome

Former victims of narcissistic abuse

It is very easy for a former victim of narcissistic abuse to fall right into the arms of another abuser. This often happens if a child had a narcissistic father. The victim is already used to be treated a certain way and it is easy to manipulate the person into believing that is the norm and they should not expect better.

Victims of depression

People who have suffered from depression are often easily picked out by narcissists. Narcissists do not like having people who will challenge them easily. They need people who will be able to take in the abuse and reaffirm the importance of the abuser. Victims of depression make excellent candidates.

Victims of paranoia

It is possible for a person suffering from chronic paranoia to be lured easily by a narcissist. A narcissist will tend to make them feel safe and they eventually become dependent on the narcissist. In the long run this dependency becomes their salvation as they look at the narcissist as the only person who can protect them yet in reality, more harm is coming from the narcissist.

People who suffer from narcissistic victim syndrome will likely have come into contact with their abuser because they were taken advantage of because of who they were or because of their experiences. Narcissists do not go out looking for people to abuse. On the contrary, they simply need someone who is going to make them feel as important as they thing they are. Strong willed people will not do this.