A few good reasons are attributed in collection of urine sample during each prenatal visit. It is not only to check out the various abnormalities during pregnancy. Not only you need to screen for protein or infections, health care providers check the levels of sugar in your urine sample.

Concept of renal glycosuria during pregnancy?

In your urine samples glucose is not found. The insulin hormone would force glucose to be removed from blood into various cells of your body in the form of muscle and fat. The glucose that remains in the blood is filtered and makes its way back to your body by kidneys which are bean shaped organs at the back of your kidney. If the blood glucose levels are on the higher side, which means that the kidneys cannot go on to absorb all of the sugar, and then the glucose is going to be present in the urine. When glycosuria it is termed as a warning sign of diabetes and no wonders to the fact that it is termed as gestational diabetes. When the doctor tests your urine for glucose they are undertaking a screening for gestational diabetes.

False positives could emerge

It is indeed important to figure out that the glucose tests of your urine during the course of prenatal visits are a guide for gestational diabetes. It means that you might have to need more tests for a full diagnosis. It is figured out that nearly half of the woman have glucose at some point of time during the course of their pregnancy. It has been found out that only 7 % of women do receive a diagnosis of gestational diabetes. There is no need to panic if the doctor says that there is glucose in urine. A sweet breakfast during the morning might be the reason to blame. So there is no need to worry with regards to glucose in urine during pregnancy.

Sometimes in certain rare cases, the condition of renal glycosuria is to be blamed for a positive glucose test. This is a genetic condition where your blood sugar levels prove to be normal and could emerge from insulin induced changes that tend to arise in gestational diabetes. The doctor could go on to rule this out based on blood or urine tests.

There are some medications that cause glucose to make an appearance in your urine. This could be certain type of medications in the form of muscle relaxants and antibiotics. Discuss with your doctor the medications you are taking and do not stop or alter the dose of medications without discussing with your doctor.

The incidence of diabetes explains the rationale of screening for glycosuria assumes a lot of importance. Consumption of high fiber rich foods with low sugar is important for women who are suffering from gestational diabetes. But all expecting mothers along with their babies are going to benefit immensely from a healthy diet.

A good news is that gestational diabetes resolves on its own after delivery.