Marijuana has always been a controversial topic. On the other hand, it is slowly making its way into the medical world, albeit not officially recognized by the US FDA as a medicine. Medical marijuana, although carries a negative stigma among most countries in the world, is now legal in many US states.

Early Days

Somewhere in the US, where medical marijuana is legal, you can open a dispensary for those who want to avail of it. Medical marijuana (“cannabis” in medical terms) is often prescribed to treat specific illnesses. Furthermore, some studies reveal the health benefits of using medical marijuana.

Marijuana has been used for thousands of years as a treatment for various health issues across China, India, the Middle East, and Africa. Eventually, it also reached Europe and the Americas. However, marijuana received a negative impression due to its potential for abuse.

Since then, marijuana use for medical purposes slowly declined and even declared illegal in most parts of the world. More so, the US Drug Enforcement Administration announced marijuana as a schedule 1 drug (high risk of abuse with no proven healing effects).

Health Benefits

Medical marijuana can be consumed in various ways – either by smoking, as a vapor, as a pill, or added as an ingredient to favorite foods such as cookies and brownies. Medical marijuana users say that they feel its effects as fast as minutes after ingestion.

Based on scientific research, marijuana contains cannabinoids that help reduce pain and inflammation. More so, it is also prescribed to relieve nausea and loss of appetite. Also, medical marijuana is also said to help manage seizures and even mental issues.

It is also said that medical marijuana is better than taking opioid prescriptions such as morphine because the latter are more prone to abuse. Such excessive usage can do more harm to the body than good. On the other hand, medical marijuana is not considered addictive, hence is safe for treatment.

On the contrary, medical marijuana does pose some risks. For one, using cannabis can affect one’s attention, sense of balance, and judgment. This is why medical marijuana is prescribed by doctors to treat only specific health issues.


As mentioned earlier, marijuana is legal in many US states, albeit for medical purposes. These states open a dispensary to accommodate individuals with medical marijuana needs. However, not everyone can easily avail it. According to most state laws, it should have a doctor’s approval as well as filling up an application form. More so, other information may be requested to allow access to medical marijuana.

Many countries generally do not still accept marijuana as a medicine. However, there are other alternatives you can try to alleviate whatever health issues you are suffering from. Nonetheless, we can only hope that there will come a day where marijuana will be finally accepted as a legitimate medicine. Likewise, the negative stigma marijuana currently carries will finally be lifted, and more people will be exposed to its health benefits.