Neurodrive is perfect for individuals who need a balance between mental focus and physical energy. This can give you the best “clean burn” for your physical and mental activities all throughout the day. It gives you the drive that you need especially for days when you feel a bit low and you lack energy.

            What’s good about Neurodrive is that it does not interfere with your sleep, your appetite will be the same, and your cortisol levels will not be affected. This is because, with Mind Nutrition, no strong stimulants are added to Neurodrive. What you can expect is a huge dose of focus and motivation to keep your “mind-muscle” connection at best.

What Is Neurodrive Used For?

             As mentioned above, this product can give you the energy and the focus that you need. This is why many are using this as a pre-workout supplement. It is also used if you need to be alert all night. This is also used to boost your morning coffee. In any way, Neurodrive can give you that without causing jitters. It will not also affect your cardiovascular and sympathetic nervous system, unlike pharmaceutical pre-workout supplements.

How Does Neurodrive Work?

            Neurodrive is using the best nootropics in order for you to get what you really want from a natural health supplement. The company believes that when you trigger the brain, it can work and perform efficiently without getting too excited and in just a calm manner. With this product, you will get just the right dose of alertness and energy.


The Neurodrive Ingredients

            Mind Nutrition used a small amount of Vinpocetine in Neurodrive. This is to increase the blood flow in the brain, especially in the cerebral part. Only a small amount is added so that this product can be stacked with Neurostim. Sulbutiamine is also added to synergize with caffeine that is from Guarana and green tea extract. This is believed to improve mood, increase the mental energy, and also enhance awareness.

Dopamine receptor levels are also increased. Remember that dopamine is affecting our drive and motivation. When the receptors are increased, the CDP choline will allow your brain to have a positive effect on your own dopamine. By doing so, this will not cause any withdrawal symptoms.

The Most Recommended Dosage Of Neurodrive

            According to the company, the most suggested dosage is 2 capsules when you want to use Neurodrive as a dietary supplement. This will be enough to promote mental energy, improve your mood and enhance your concentration. This product is best taken with a very light meal or can be taken with a source of healthy fats. Remember not to take more than 4 capsules in 24 hours unless directed by your personal doctor.

Like any other health supplements, take Neurodrive with extra caution. It will be best if you can do your own research about the product before adding it to your daily supplements. Take note that this product is all-natural and proven to be safe, but it will still be best to be extra careful. Follow the recommended dosage and instructions to avoid overdose.