Marijuana is one of the most commonly used illegal drug in the US. It is derived from the hemp plant whose scientific name is, cannabis sativa. The flowering shoots and leaves of marijuana contain the chemicals. Recreational marijuana is slowly getting legalized across the US and eventually throughout the world. Currently it holds a legal status in few places namely California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts, Alaska, Maine and Washington DC. Nowadays, more than 50% of the US has declared some forms of cannabis as legal. In Washington, the recreational marijuana has been declared as legal. If you are 21 years and above you can openly purchase it from any of the stores selling the product. The Capitol Hill is one of the popular sites in Washington DC in the US that deals in recreational marijuana. Normally, marijuana can be used in several forms as dry or shredded brown or green mixture of flowers, seeds, stems and leaves. All these forms are usually smoked through a cigarette, a bong, a pipe or as a blunt. If you want to acquire the recreational marijuana, then visit a Capitol Hill Recreational Dispensary right away.

Difference between medical and recreational marijuana

When you look from the botanical angle, you won’t find any difference in the recreational and medical marijuana. They both belong to the same plant and contain the same compounds affecting the body in a similar way. There is a slight difference in the strains. The medical patients are known to benefit from the strains having a higher CBD level that has a lot of medical applications but doesn’t give the users the feeling of high. While on the other hand, the strains of the recreational marijuana have higher levels of THC that has a more desirable psychoactive effect. As a patient even if you are over 18 years you can purchase medicinal marijuana showing a valid age proof but in order to acquire the recreational variety you have to be 21 years and above.

Order online

Whatever be the market type, a strong online presence is highly essential to survive the competition. Ecommerce should be a vital marketing strategy behind the promotion of the business. Ruckus claims to be one of the best cannabis retail stores in the Capitol Hill area in Washington. They offer a range of about 564 Clean Green Certified products. You can either visit their store that is located at the heart of the city or also order online from their website where they have the following varieties:

  • Flowers -108 products
  • Pre-roll- 106 products
  • Edible – 158 products
  • Concentrate -172 products
  • Topical -20 product

Always choose a dispensary with a Clean Green Certification

When you choose the Clean Green Certified cannabis products from any Capitol Hill Recreational Dispensary, it indicates that you are purchasing the most ethically grown cannabis present in the market. The retail store Ruckus Recreational has tie-ups only with ethical vendors and they maintain a menu of quality cannabis that are clean. When you purchase from such authentic stores, you can be sure that the cannabis has been grown, treated, warehoused and transported following every little guidelines placed by the growers of Clean Green Certification process.