Know All About Qusomes

With so much of focus on skin care nowadays, everyone is looking for natural products that could yield effective results without harming the skin. When we talk about wrinkles, the newest technology that deals with them is qusomes. Qusomes are quick liposomes that have become the talk of the town for penetrating the skin deeper than most natural products claim to. Qusomes are now being found as one of the ingredients of anti-wrinkle creams. Qusomes themselves have a number of active ingredients tha penetrate deep and act effectively.

To know the structure of qusomes, you can think of it to be like water balloons that have the active ingredients packed in them. These are the active ingredients that help in dealing with wrinkles. These active ingredients are sandwiched between a layer of fat soluble ingredients and water soluble ingredients. The structure of qusomes and the way they are created is such that they have high penetration ability. When you apply qusomes to your skin, your skin will absorb one layer of qusomes at one time. This way, the layers of it penetrate really deep. When the qusome layers go deep inside, they prevent water loss and decrease the size of the wrinkles.

Proprietary biosphere and qusome

Benefits of qusomes

The key reason why qusomes are very helpful and effective in dealing with wrinkles is because of the high amounts of active ingredients found in them- possibly higher than other products. The most noted effects of qusomes on skin would be firming and smoothening of the skin. Qusomes also deal with dark circles and a variety of spots on face and give an even skin tone.

Qusomes have become really popular for their “cellular” level of action and deep repair and rejuvenation of the skin. The effect is said to be as good as reverse aging, where the skin regains its firmness and glow on a very deep level. A combination of qusomes and other anti-aging elements would yield a perfect skin and help your skin look younger in a long run. Proprietary biosphere and qusome are certain elements that are becoming an active part of the skincare products. Part of it is because these are natural ingredients. They have the ability to bring results that have not been achieved yet by the so called anti-aging ingredients.

While a number of ingredients have been used for the anti-aging effect, addition of qusomes will enhance the effect of these ingredients and products.