Vaping along with electronic cigarettes are touted as a safe choice in comparison to traditional cigarettes. It is suggested that it may help you to quit smoking altogether as well. But e cigarettes during pregnancy are not desired as they still go on to put nicotine into your body and are not recommended for a pregnant or a breastfeeding mother.

Definition of an e cigarette?

You can define e cigarette as nicotine based delivery. Some go on to resemble a futuristic and others liker regular cigarettes. A cartridge incorporated with a liquid along with a battery that has nicotine coupled with chemicals in the form of glycerine is the essence of this device. What happens is that the liquid in the e cigarette is known to be heated and this you inhale. Hence the term Vaping comes into prominence.

In case of a regular cigarette by burning tobacco, nicotine reaches your lungs. It creates smoke which you go on to inhale. It is a well-known fact that tobacco is known to contain thousands of toxic chemicals.

The liquids that are used in these cigarettes are not well regulated and are known to contain numerous harmful chemicals. No studies clearly outline the defects associated with inhaling these vapours, not even in pregnant women.

Misconceptions about the safety angle

A recent study throws light on the fact that pregnant women seriously have misconceptions about the safety aspect of e cigarettes. What is alarming that 40 % of women were of the opinion that e cigarettes coupled with Vaping was a much safer choice than traditional cigarettes. Only 57 % were of the opinion that it was not safe and 61 % felt that it was addictive in nature.

It was also observed in the study that 13 % of women went on to use e cigarettes and the ones who did one of the common reasons provided by them was it was more safe than regular cigarettes.

E cigarettes, nicotine along with your baby

The fact of the matter is that e cigarettes still go on to put nicotine in the mother along with the baby. No safe level of exposure is illustrated in pregnancy. If there is exposure to nicotine before birth it has been linked to altered brain structure coupled with function in babies. When you use tobacco products during pregnancy it can pave way to major birth defects, miscarriage to name a few. Nicotine from regular or e cigarettes during pregnancy also tends to spring up in the breast milk.

In the true sense of the world, no pregnant women should smoke. But sadly we are not in such a world and pregnant women do smoke. The moment you become pregnant a women should stop smoking be it regular or electronic cigarette. If you smoke and become pregnant then you would need to get in touch with your doctor. An opinion of your health care service provider is also suggested if you intend to switch over to electronic cigarette.