Is It Safe To Use Dianabol Without Stacking It With Any Other Gear?

While the experienced professional athletes always stack Dianabol with other steroids to enhance the benefits and suppress the side effects, it has been observed that the beginners and amateur athletes use Dianabol alone without any stacking. But Dianabol is dangerous alone and the damages that it can do to human body could be irreversible. There is no doubt that a Dbol only cycle will help to gain muscle quicker but your body must be at its optimal state to sustain the growth for a long period of time.

Dbol Only Cycle –

Irrespective of the potential side effects, some people go ahead with a short Dbol only cycle. They start with a small dosage of 10mg for the first week and slowly increase it in the consequent weeks if the body does not show any negative impact. The dosage peaks out at 40mg and that too prior to two weeks before the cycle ends. Then the dosage decreases to 10 mg for the last week so that there is no sudden and abrupt end to the cycle.

Post Cycle Therapy – But when you are going for Dbol only cycle, you have to go for PCT or post cycle therapy. Without a PCT, you will experience various side effects such as water retention which is quite common. For PCT, an anti-estrogen drug is used as Dbol is a very estrogenic steroid in nature. Furthermore, aromatase inhibitor is also used in advanced PCTs. This helps in stimulating the natural production of testosterone which got suppressed significantly and the level of the hormone in the body gets back to its normal level.

Is It Safe To Use Dianabol Without Stacking It With Any Other Gear?Sustainability – It has been observed that the quick gain in muscle mass due to Dbol only cycle is not sustainable. Most of the people reported losing muscle mass faster than they would have if they had gone for other steroids to stack with Dianabol. This loss can be reduced to some extent by going for post cycle therapy. For some, this loss will not matter too much become the sustainability period is enough to see off an upcoming competition or event easily. But he needs to plan his bulking cycle accordingly.

Side Effects – Dianabol is dangerous alone and the side effects are likely to become prominent in the long run especially for beginners whose bodies are not used to it and those taking a higher dosage. The common side effects are water retention issues, bloating, and gynecomastia. People have also observed rapid hair loss, acne, insomnia, sudden mood changes, and even jaundice as it is toxic to the human liver. In worst cases, it leads to liver cancer, heart issues, and most importantly, extreme suppression of testosterone level in the body.

Safer Bet – The safer natural alternative of Dianabol is Crazy Bulk D-Bal. Just like Dianabol, it also helps in quick muscle gain, better body strength, and enhancing performance. All these are achieved using natural ingredients and hence, there are no side effects associated with it. Even though the gain could be slightly slow but the result will be sustainable for multiple seasons.