It really isn’t a good idea to hold back information especially if that information can be quite damaging, much more so if that certain withheld information can cause serious repercussions to the persons involved. This is especially true when dealing with medicine since if you’re holding back critical information about a certain drug; you’re basically putting people’s health at potential risk.

This is exactly what happened to the people who took Abilify, an antipsychotic drug supposedly to be used to treat patients with mental disorders specifically schizophrenia. The company who manufactured the drug withheld certain information to the general public about certain side effects which led to a lot of people getting caught off guard and eventually suffered, which is why most of the people affected are filing a lawsuit against that company.

Amplified side effects

It is well documented that taking antipsychotic medication will resort in the patients experiencing side effects such as increased appetite as well as sexual urges, the company that manufactured Abilify did not inform the patients nor their doctors that the drug can and will amplify several compulsive behaviours related to the side effects of the drug as well as other underlying compulsive behaviours of the patients themselves. This led to people having uncontrollable urges since not only does the drug amplify these certain compulsive behaviours, patients who undergo treatment using the drug also experienced a loss control over their impulses therefore not being able to act upon accordingly to what they are doing.

Irreparable damage due to side effects

While the withheld side effects of the drug will subside when the treatment is stopped, some people found out a little too late and the damage might just have already been done. Some of these people have lost certain control over their impulses and have suffered the consequences greatly. Some have even gone bankrupt or are in neck deep in debt due to uncontrollable gambling addiction which can be linked as a side effect of the drug, others have experienced uncontrollable sexual urges and have found themselves addicted to the act, while some have gained a lot of weight and have developed type-2 diabetes from uncontrollable eating.

Changing lives but not for the better

While the drug was supposedly created to relieve patients with mental illnesses, it practically did more harm than good. The people who have suffered from these side effects might already have done irreparable damage to themselves and their lives without them even realizing it. Those who became addicted to sex might have gotten sexually transmitted diseases as well as those who developed diabetes due to overeating. These side effects may not seem like much to many but to those who are directly affected by these side effects, their lives have already been ruined.

Although the side effects can be stopped from causing more damage by stopping treatments using the drug, some have found out about it a little too late. The drug has since then been removed from treatment and production has stopped but the side effects have already done its damage. As you can see, withholding vital information especially when dealing with medical issues can cause catastrophic results, which is why it is only fitting that the people who have been affected by these whether directly or indirectly will file a lawsuit against the company that manufactured the drug since they put people’s’ lives at risk for profit.