Neuronal system is one of the most important and if not the one and only main coordinative system present in the human body. It is present in both males and the females. It is called as the central nervous system that control all the other activities of the body. From all the sensory to motor function it is very much active. At each and every function that happens in out body and any type of sensation that we feel and to that any type reaction we give, all of this is because of the central nervous system or which is commonly known as the CNS. The central nervous system extends from the brain to the spinal cord. It is very much long ranges and this helps them to carry out their functions throughout the body at an equilibrated rate. The functional and the structural unit of this central nervous is the neurons.  The neuron take up the impulses at one end and they transmit the impulse to another end. And in this way they form the chain of neuron to form a nerve fiber so that they can cover the body in a better way. Even the spinal cord also contain a hollow space through which the tufts of nerve fibers runs so that they can perform there function.


The nervous system is one of the most important and crucial system present in the human body. It is headed by the brain the master coordinating system of the body and hence with that the brain is also the head of the central nervous system of the body. Human brain has got different parts like that of the grey matter and the white matter. So they are many lobes of the like that of the fissures in the brain. The neuron are maximum functional there. Each and every action and that happening in the human body is recorded in the human brain and the brain dictates how the body should react in the way which would be exactly apt to do. And this reaction is very much instantaneous and happens in a fraction of a second. And this fast reaction is very much incredible also. With all of its properties brain and the nervous system is truly amazing, although it has a lot of problems also and it attracts a lot of problems called as the neurological problems and so.  These problems are very hard to treat with in some cases and also needs specialized hands and specialist doctors to cure the patients.


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Updated Facilitates

The neurological problem need various types of facilities to be used with. As the time goes newer techniques are been discovered that is helping the doctors and also the efficiency of the cure has also increased with the time.

Fast diagnosis

Expert doctors should be consulted at the very advent of the disease. So that faster diagnosis can lead to the faster cure of the disease.