The Periodontitis is an oral disease that can lead to the poor and broken teeth. Not only that sometimes this oral disease can even leads to more dangerous health issues like heart and lung problems. According to the dentists the periodontal disease is basically a gum infection that can injure our flexible tissues. There are three common types of Periodontal Disease. Go right here to know more this illness.

Types of Periodontal Disease

  • The Chronic Periodontal Disease

The chronic periodontal disease affects the adults and children. This type of oral problem leads to the loss of tooth and also can be the cause of teeth weakening. The main cause of this problem is the gum infection

  • The Aggressive Periodontal Disease

The Aggressive Periodontal disease can start in our childhood and affects only a few numbers of people. It’s directly affects our bone and leads to the tooth losing.

  • The Necrotizing Periodontal Disease

The necrotizing Periodontal Disease is very dangerous for our oral health. The cause of this disease is the loss of gum tissues, which supports our bones and tooth ligaments. Our teeth and bones can be highly damaged for this kind of disease.

Cause of Periodontal Disease

Bacterial Infection- According to the dentists, Sugar levels of our food starts interacting with the bacteria and this kind of interaction leads to the infection. The bacterial infection is very much harmful for our oral health and also can develop the Periodontal Disease.

  • Plaque in the mouth

Plaque is an oppressive substance that can form in our teeth and can damage our teeth. It is the common reason of oral illness like Periodontal Disease. Not only can that plaque also lead to the

  • Gingivitis.

The gingivitis is also a irritation of the teeth that can causes the Periodontal disease.

  • Gum Inflammation

Gum inflammation is also responsible for the oral illness like periodontal disease. If it is not treated then it can leads to the major oral illness.

  • Unhygienic tooth care

Another important cause of periodontal disease is the unhygienic tooth care. According to the dental experts, a bad or poor dental care is highly responsible for someone’s oral illness. The doctors recommending a healthy and hygienic dental care for preventing the major oral issues such as periodontal disease.

  • Substance Abuse

Substance abuse like excessive smoking and drinking can leads to the periodontal disease. As this substance gets involved with the bacteria in our mouth so the periodontal disease can arise for uses of excessive harmful substances.

  • Build-up of the Calculus

The build-up of the calculus in near of our teeth can directly affect the tartar and leads to the Periodontal Disease. So we can say that Calculus is also a major cause of the Periodontal Disease


Doctors are highly recommending a healthy dental care to stay away from this oral illness. The

Periodontal disease can be cured if the prevention is taken timely.  click over here to know more.a