There is a dilemma in the mind of the people who go for a urine drug test. The first issue is that they might have taken prohibited substances like recreational marijuana and they are afraid of failing in the test. The second issue is that they want to buy synthetic urine but afraid that the laboratory will detect it and they will be another issue to deal with. So the question arises whether a lab can detect synthetic urine or not. There is no definite answer to it because detection is possible only when the labs do in-depth detection tests. But if you buy high-quality synthetic urine, the chances of detection are the least. That is why you should go through Synthetic urine reviews.

When Can The Synthetic Urine Get Detected?

There are three scenarios when the chances of detection of synthetic urine by the labs increase exponentially.

Low-Quality Synthetic Urine – As a buyer, you may not be able to detect which synthetic urine is of high quality and which is not. But if you buy from the reputed brands and if you check the reviews and find that the buyers are reporting positively, you can be assured of the product’s quality. You should go through Synthetic urine reviews to find out the best brands and the best synthetic urine to buy.

Production Date – Even when you buy high-quality synthetic urine, it can be detected because the product might have been manufactured with old formulation. The brands continuously update their formula so that the product is undetected by the labs. That is why you should buy those that have the latest formula. You should research a bit on the internet to find out the latest product of a brand and also check the manufacturing date while buying.

Temperature – The biggest reason for the failure in urine drug test using synthetic urine is not maintaining the right temperature of the urine. When the temperature is not right, the chemical composition changes significantly. When that happens, the labs can detect them easily. Fortunately, the popular brands selling synthetic urine have the mechanism to keep the urine in the right temperature using heating pad or powder. That is exactly why it becomes more important to buy from popular brands like Quick Fix and Sub Solution who have the maximize urine drug test passing record.

But if the labs conduct an in-depth, thorough test, the sample can be proved to be synthetic urine but they hardly have the time to do so, and they won’t suspect if you provide a high-quality sample.