A perfect solution of brightening cream

Development of food technology nowadays creates a complex pro and cons. People tend to have more fast foods such as fried chicken or burger rather than traditional foods because they will save more time consuming to produce the food. However, it also has a negative effect on our body; such bring the faster aging of our skin cell. Therefore, people try to find a lot of ways to Fight against Ageing Skin.

One simple solution to reduce the effect of aging is by having natural ingredients such as Croton Lechleri essence. A combination of the extract of Croton Lechlery and other natural materials will give you an antioxidant effect to your skin cell. Another skin problem, such as redness skin and inflammation symptom, could also be resolved by having this essence.

Fight Against Ageing Skin

Through a high quality of production, Nioskin has developed a form of a gel that contains this essence in one product named the Dragon Blood. This gel has proven to reduce the aging process, hence help you to keep your facial skin stay young and healthy.

Not only related to the aging process, this gel will also help you to moisturize your skin and prevent it from an excessive dry condition. If your skin looks dull, that is the sign of a dry skin, thus you can use this gel to recover it.

Furthermore, the next step to have a brighter skin is in giving nutrition to your skin for skin cell regeneration and prevention of dark pigment cell. The Star Bright cream from Nioskin could help you to have a brighter skin. This cream contains natural ingredients such as the extract of Silver Vine and Lumiskin. A special plant of Silver Vine, which is grown in high elevation from 500 m up to 1900 m affect your skin to become look cleaner and brighter.

This cream also contains starfish essence and the snail secretion filtrates for moisturizing skin and improve your skin ability to relieve a stress and dull condition. These essences lift up your skin’s capability to stay healthy by having a better circulation of vitamin and nutrition in the skin cells.

Use the combination of anti-aging and whitening cream every day, and then you could see the difference after several weeks. Just clean up your face in warm and clean water. Then disperse the Dragon Blood gel in a thin layer around your face and neck evenly. After that, add the Star Bright cream to get a brighter look. Do this every day, preferable time is during the night whenever you want to take a sleep, because it helps in the regeneration process of skin cell. Routine treatment gives a better result and stay in longer effect to your skin.