Cancer of the bone is rare and merely accounts for less than 1 % in most cases. All the bone tumours are not fatal in the starting stage, but abnormalities are present and malignant tumours tend to arise as well. It could be secondary in nature and might have spread over from the primary site. The primary form of bone cancer which emerges from the bone is on the rarer side and among all the malignant tumours comprise less than 1 %. In children along with adults, they tend to be more common.

The types

The main type of bone cancer is the primary one. No one can pinpoint the exact cause of it, but the bone disease could be one of the major reasons for the same. The second type happens to be where cancer does emerge in the primary site and then spreads to other areas of the body.


The symptoms of bone cancer gradually appear slowly and it is dependent upon the location, size along with the type of tumour. Some of the major types would include, swelling, restriction of movement, fever, sweating or unexplained weight loss. Just be aware of the fact that this symptom is rare and the chances are that it could be caused by another condition. Before you arrive at any decision it is always suggested to get in touch with your doctor.


There is no clear-cut cause determining the real emergence of bone cancer. Researchers do point to the fact there are several reasons why this may do so though heredity happens to be the most common among them.


As most of us are aware bone marrow could be present in any of the bones in our body. In the long bones of the arms or legs, they are more common. As far as the diagnosis is concerned it does take into consideration a number of tests. The size along with the exact point of cancer is being determined. Before the biopsy, it is undertaken. Though the common course of treatment happens to be bone biopsy where you tend to remove a small portion of the bone and then it is tested in the lab for malignant tumours. In comparison to a CT scan, MRI scan where magnesium based rays figure out the three-dimensional images of the body.

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