Last week when I saw my reflection on the mirror, I was aghast at the sudden appearance of wrinkles. As a professional middle-aged man, I really cannot allow such deterioration in my looks. Personality matters right? So, as an immediate solution, I quickly called up my favourite anti-wrinkle treatment centre and got an appointment. From my experience in handling wrinkles, let me tell you that the sooner you treat it, the better. Results are marvellous, and you’ll love it.

What Causes Wrinkles?

Before getting into the advantages, let’s first understand how we develop wrinkles. As we age, out skin loses its elasticity and gets thinner. It dries, becomes less efficient in preventing damage and forms wrinkles and other ageing lines. In my case, excess smoking and drinking stimulated the wrinkle formation process. Besides this, UV rays also contribute to wrinkles from an early age.

What is Botox?

Considering the unique anatomical needs and personality goals of most men, the best way to treat wrinkles is by applying anti-wrinkle injections. Made from botulinum neurotoxin, these injections paralyse the muscles underneath the skin; thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines and ultimately eliminating them from your body. The non-toxic injections have been acknowledged for producing natural results without the need for surgical procedures.

Benefits of Botox Treatment

  • Restore Skin Elasticity

As skin loses its suppleness with age, the Botox in Melbourne works wonders by deactivating the underlying muscles. This brings back the lost essence, smoothness and vitality of my skin. As a result, my skin looks tighter and more elastic. Gradually, after repetitive sessions, I quickly get rid of my curse.

  • Face Lifting

Dry and thin skin automatically loosens the overall texture and brings down the quality of the skin. In fact, sometimes I used to feel as if my skin is hanging from the body. After going for the Botox treatment in Melbourne, I remained surprised to see how restored elasticity makes my face tighter and lifts it. With this, I get to preserve my youthful look and never shy away in front of my juniors. Trust me or not, my aged face hardly differs from my younger colleagues and friends. Such is the magic of Botox.

  • Lunchtime Treatment

Of all advantages, the reason for recommending this anti-wrinkle treatment is the 15-20 minutes taken by the professionals to perform the entire process. No leave, no half-days, I take my lunch, drop in the clinic and enjoy meal amidst the comfort of non-invasive treatment. The process gets over, and so does my lunch. As there’s no downtime, so I come back to my office and find people staring at my instant wrinkle-free skin.

  • Treat Drooping Brow

As a matured male, I also encountered the problem of the drooping brow. Interestingly, wrinkle formation and the sagging brow have a hand in glove relationship. Wasting no time, I asked my Botox professionals in Melbourne about a possible course of action only to be amazed by the fact that the injection can treat both wrinkles and brow simultaneously. In full swing, I opted for the treatment and was extremely happy seeing the results.

  • Improved Personality

Perfect skin elasticity even at 45, tight and lifted face, smoother and youthful skin and a wrinkle-free look have together sharpened my professional image and self-esteem. Today, I feel more confident in meetings and never shy away from anyone. Thanks to the anti-wrinkle injections for making me bold enough to face such challenges and overcome them with best-in-class Botox treatment.