Kunzea ambigua, or simply known as Kunzea, is a reasonably new essential oil coming from the Land Down Under. It first came into the market by the end of 2005, and it already made a good name for itself because of its unique chemical composition.

This Australian essential oil is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, which makes it an ideal solution for the relief and treatment of joint paint. Individuals who are suffering from particular ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis can seek the aid of this essential oil, along with a combination of other oils and massage blends for the relief of sore joints and muscles.

A Brief History of Kunzea

Back in the year 1993, a farmer in north-Eastern Tasmania by the name of John Hood was just taking a break from working and tending to his 1000-acre farm. As he was sitting on a log, he happened to chance upon a fence found on the northern boundary that’s still in pristine condition despite the property being built back in 1958. The farmer noticed that the fence was still in good condition but it had a particular type of bush growing nearby. However, in the areas where the bush wasn’t growing, the fences had already fallen prey to disrepair and the terror of the times. John knew that the bush wasn’t native to Tasmania, but it did have a substantial amount of oil in them. Upon getting some samples of the oil, he used his extended family as “guinea pigs” for the properties of the plant’s product. When the positive feedback started rolling in, it was clear that it was the first steps in developing and marketing the essential oil to the world.

Known Properties of Kunzea

The Australian Kunzea essential has plenty of properties to which can bring about numerous benefits for a person’s overall well-being. For instance, it’s an anti-inflammatory, which makes it ideal for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. It’s also an excellent choice for patients before and after surgery to certain joints found in the body, such as the knees. Kunzea is also useful for the relief of muscle pain and injuries. However, to acquire its pain relief properties with a maximum level of potency, you need to combine this essential oil with other massage blends.

Are There Other Therapeutic Uses of Kunzea

Aside from being a great solution for the relief and assistance in treating rheumatoid arthritis and muscle pains, Kunzea is also useful in a number of other reasons. This essential oil can help in the relief and treatment of a broad range of conditions, including (but not limited to) the following: eczema, rashes, recurring shingles, persistent tinea, minor burns, topical bruises, and migraine headaches.

Useful in the Treatment of Horses

Humans aren’t the only creatures on this planet that can benefit greatly from the Kunzea essential oil. Horses can also take advantage of the product in the treatment of a condition known as Greasy Heel.

Now, there are many clinics, massage parlors, and spas that use the Australian Kunzea essential oil for various forms of treatment. Check out Zea Relief for more information about this product and its uses.