All About the BodyBoss Method to Get Fit

The BodyBoss Method is an intensive workout program that promises to transform your body within a span of twelve weeks. It consists of sixty unique exercises and twelve stretches from professional trainers. It believes that no gym equipment is needed to lose weight and get fit. This program is for both men and women together. Their materials include instructional books, nutritional guides, and meal plans. You can start this course online by registering on their website, get the regular workout schedules, and diet plans.The structured routine guide is also available as a BodyBoss pdf, which costs $50, and the nutritional guide costs $40. BodyBoss 2.0 instructional guide is designed specifically for men.

HIT Workouts in the BodyBoss 1.0

The first three weeks is high-intensity training (HIT) workouts to stimulate fat burning and to enhance the muscles.The aim is to make your body fitness tolerant. The HIT workout is for 24 minutes for each session. HIT increases metabolism. Planks and Pushups help to burn more calories and increase muscle endurance.

HIT Workouts in the BodyBoss 2.0

BodyBoss 2.0 requires the audience to use equipment called ’BodyBoss Kickstarter.’This workoutpromises to bring the gym to your home. It also offers meal plans and recipes along with the workouts. The workouts are not claimed to be unique from other regular basic workouts.

All About the BodyBoss Method to Get Fit

Reviews on BodyBoss Instructional book

Many claim that this BodyBoss pdf is expensive since the workouts are very basic and the book has only images of how the workout has to be done. Also, they are not easy to follow. The workouts include cardio, unilateral, and jump training which helps to lose fat and get toned. But this is no different from the other regular workout programs. Though the discount offered is 25%, the charges seem to be high for the information provided. One can save much more at the gym sessions instead of buying this one.

Doctors do not suggest high-intensity workouts in the initial weeks as suggested in the instructional plan which might cause stones in the gallbladder. There is no assurance if the trainers are professionals and workouts do not offer any clinical support. The BodyBoss websites have photos of people who have benefited from the program. But it’s not worth the pay as per the reviews registered by its users. Only lean people get toned, and plus-sizedpeople will only lose fat and get a little thin after twelve weeks.

The 24 minutes of training includes both warm-ups and cooldowns, before and after the session. Muscle soreness from the training is not assured since the workout time is too short. The intense workouts are difficult for beginners, and they mostly end up quitting the workout routine. The cost of the instructional hardcopy is high and charges extra for shipping. Some users have experienced side effects like injury, exhaustion, and dehydration. As an endnote, the BodyBoss instructional workout program is not ideal, expensive, unrealistic, and no weight loss guarantee.