Though there are several types of cosmetics and skin treatments are available in the cosmetic world to reduce the wrinkles they may not be so effective. To solve the problem of wrinkles and fine lines, Crow’s feet near the eyes on the face a new cosmetic agent has been introduced, known as Botox; it is a derived form of bacterium called clostridium BotulinumA which is also used for medical treatments due to its relaxing properties. When injected it controls the hyperactive nerves and muscles around the injected area. When a dose of Botox is injected to the required area of the face it creates temporary numbness to the hyperactive muscles and gives a smooth look to the face by erasing the wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes. If the Botox is not properly injected to the affected area one will not get fruitful results and sometimes it may lead to adverse effects of Botox. When a person wanted to go for a Botox treatment he/she should know about the basic procedure of a Botox treatment i.e. about the number sessions, quality of Botox used in the treatment, Side effects of Botox, medical condition of the person and any allergic conditions that may occur to the person while using Botox, more over the most important thing is to choose before starting a Botox treatment include the review regarding abeauty salon or hospital and a skilled Botox practitioner.

Before Starting with a Botox treatment one must collect some information to have an idea about the treatment and few things has to be checked well before approaching a cosmetic surgeon. In order to choose a skilled Botox practitioner for the treatment and to enjoy the results the person has to know about the qualification and experience of the doctor. Generally the surgeon should be certified form the General Medical Council (GMA), injecting Botox is a skill based procedure which should always be carried by trained and experienced dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons. If the process is done by any assistant staff the procedure must be administered by an experienced doctor and the patient must make sure the staff is well trained. As most of the treatment is done to the facial areas the person has to choose a surgeon who is certified in otolaryngology and ophthalmology so that he/she will have a good knowledge regarding the facial tissues and muscles. The surgeon should use a proper dose and pure form of Botox other than any dilute one, the patient should make sure of this. To know more about the medical practice history of a surgeon or the dermatologist the person has to go through the concerned medical council online website where the medical profile of a surgeon will be provided other than this he /she can check the online reviews and testimonials regarding the surgeon.

If the patient doesn’t feel satisfied or didn’t get the required information regarding a surgeon he/ she can book a consultation if available and can directly meet the surgeon. It would be easy and satisfying for the person as he /she will get a chance to check the surgeon’s way of approach towards patients, can discuss the person’s treatment criteria and can also check the hygiene conditions of the treatment place as Botox treatment has to take place in highly hygienic area else it will lead to several infections. The patient should also discuss with the surgeon if he/she had any sort of allergic reactions to certain medications. The person must check the surgeon has appropriate insurance coverage to protect themselves if anything goes wrong. Make sure that the surgeon offers a regular follow up as Botox takes nearly two weeks for getting the right result; if the person is new to the treatment then it is good to get the surgeon’s follow up until two weeks to make sure the result of the treatment is satisfying. The patient must also compare the prices and quality of Botox treatment packages that area offered by different clinics and surgeon and has choose the required package that meets the criteria.

By taking the treatment from proper hands according to the person’s criteria he/she can enjoy the fruitful results of Botox with beautiful face.