Skin Care & Eye Care

It is surprising to see males spending lots of money visiting the gyms to tone up their skin and develop their muscles, and females following the same method by visiting beauty parlours to get their skin treated, but not spending time to get their skin checked by a dermatologist. The chemicals contained in the creams and lotions applied in beauty parlours contain chemicals that might be harmful to their skin. Males take supplements to help them develop rippling muscles without knowing that most such supplements contain steroids that are harmful to their body in the long run. If this is not enough, there are countless cases of people squinting while reading the newspapers or while watching the TV. They do not realise that they are suffering from short-sightedness or long-sightedness. If they do not visit the ophthalmologist immediately and get their eye problems treated through several methods, their viewing problems might increase. On a typical basis, the ophthalmologist uses optical equipment to check the cornea of the suffering person to determine whether he has myopia or hyperopia.

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Once the ophthalmologist has determined the cause, he will discuss the problem with his patient and offer to fix the issue by either prescribing spectacles or contact lenses. If the patient so demands, the eye specialist can cure his eye-related problems through surgical procedures such as phaco surgery. This is a permanent cure for vision-related problems and ensures that the person will not have to wear reading glasses or contact lenses.

Why is skincare important

Skincare is extremely important as skin disorders can lead to a wide variety of other ailments. Basking in the sunshine for a short period is fine. However, exposing the skin to extremely bright sunshine can lead to sunburns. Using too much makeup can clog the pores on the outer layers of the skin (dermis) and prevent sweat from cleaning it naturally. After some time dirt and grime choke the miniscule holes. There is a buildup of bacteria on the surface of the skin due to this and can lead to various types of skin ailments. However, cleaning the skin with mild soap and warm water at the end of the day helps remove remnants of makeup. The warm water enlarges the skin pores, facilitating the cleansing process. Healthy skin also prevents the formation of lines and creases on the skin and allows individuals to maintain their youthful looks for many years. Seek the help of a dermatologist. He or she will examine your skin and prescribe medications to fix problems in it and ensure that it remains healthy.

Why is eye care important?

Are you aware that several eye diseases, if not treated in time, can cause to suffer from permanent blindness? If you have vision problems, visit an eye specialist and seek his help to fix the problem. Taking this action at an early stage ensures that you can recover from your eye-related problem quickly. On many instances, the ophthalmologist might just recommend you to administer eye drops. In case of serious issues, you might have to opt for glasses or undergo phaco surgery.